Who is Seven J? 

From the slums and gutters of the hood, by Seven J has triumphed over his circumstances. Single mother household, poverty-stricken environment, and being surrounded be crime and violence, Seven J was bound to be another statistic. His love and passion for music led him down a path that had a glimmer of hope at the end. He now shares that with the world through his service with youth and his impactful lyricism.


The motto that we live by. Many people become complacent in different seasons of life. Winning seasons have the ability to make you rest on your laurels. Losing seasons can be deflating. Constant rejection and hearing “no” can take the wind out of your sails. When a situation is a “maybe” or up in the air, the anxiety from that can be crippling. 

#WinLoseOrMaybe is the mentality that no matter what is occurring, we keep pushing. We keep grinding. We keep moving forward. We keep learning. We don’t get too high on highs or low on lows. The only direction is forward!