Latest Albums

Latest Albums

The Seven of Hearts

Follow this R&B influenced project to get Valentine’s Day no matter what time of the year it is!

Roller Coaster

The ups and downs of life are experienced through this project as Seven explores and explains the struggles of church hurt and being black in America.

Go Ape

Melodic and tuneful, GO APE was created to provide catchy hooks and immense theological truths. Created with elementary age students, their infectious personalities and their plights are jam packed into every song.

Blood In The Streets III

Edgy, lyrical, and authentic. Blood In The Streets III offers music that has been coined “too church for the street and too street for the church”. YOU be the judge!

Singles & EPs


If you have ever had depression spells that come out of nowhere and they feel like an avalanche, this song is for you. Broken promises and failed friendships are all explored in this song. A reminder self-care is important!

Watermelon Unicorn

Read the pages of the diary of someone battling spiritual abuse, church hurt, and racial trauma in this pain filled lyrical therapy session.


Something fun for the kids based off the hit game Fortnite. Shoot your shot and take chances! Keep pressing #WinLoseOrMaybe!


An intense look into Seven J’s life and the pain of growing up without an essential basic necessity.


Every neighborhood can be defined by a staple store. In the hood, the corner store is a pillar of the community. It exemplifies struggle, success, and maintaining day by day

Dear Mr. Seven

Hear the real life stories of kids living in the inner city.

Galaxy Love

A ballad about the reality of heartbreak and the resilience it takes to recover ​​​​​​​

Watermelon Unicorn 

Listen to the pages of a diary marred by hurt, betrayal, deception, and abuse.